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International Bible Studies Tract Rack . . .

  • All the tracts listed are available free of charge in hard copy from the 39th Street Church of Christ, 15331 East 39th Street, Independence, Missouri 64055-4240 USA
    email - jhw@kc-cofc.org 

  • Important Note: If you are requesting a large number of tracts (over 100), please provide us with information on the purpose of the tracts, and some information about your congregation.

  • As with all materials on this site (or any other) we ask that you search the Scriptures to see if these things are so (Acts 17:11). If you have a request for specific information feel free to contact us at the page you reached us from and we will strive to add material that will be of benefit to your studies.
  • You are welcome to use all material found here with the following stipulations:
    • The material must be left in original form as to content
    • Credit must be given as to origin (author) and source
    • No charge may be made for the materials if you distribute them
  • You can click the title of the tract to view it online

  Available Tracts...